Skill #2: Energy Management.

Johanny Ortega
3 min readApr 3, 2020
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Don’t you just hate those energy vampires? They are not only people; you know? They are tedious tasks, thoughts that don’t go away and drain you of whatever energy you have.

Energy Management is a skill that closely resembles meditation and focuses on breathing to regulate one’s emotions.

Our energy level runs on a continuum that can go from low to high and anything in between.

Sometimes we need high energy, such as when we are going to work out. Then sometimes we need to lower our energy, such as when we need to calm down before a meeting.

There are two methods one can use in this skill:

  • Five-second breath cadence. When you use this method, you breathe in for five and breathe out for five. You keep your mind focus on the counting, and this will clear it of thoughts. This is best to lower or calm your energy.
  • Breathe rhythmically, + mental picture. This method is best to help change your mood or to go from low-high or vice versa. The key here is the image you create in your mind. If you want to feel happy, then place a moment you equate with happiness in your mind. Focus on drawing that moment till it’s so vivid you start feeling what you felt then. When you reach proficiency, you may even experience olfactory memory with your visual. If you feel scared and want to feel brave, bring up a memory when you felt bold or unstoppable.

You may say, “what about if I never felt brave and don’t have a memory I can use?”

Use what you learned from the previous skill (Real-Time Resiliency) and repeat a mantra — with conviction — that can influence you to feel brave or whatever it is you need in that moment.

You can take mantras from the bible, a favorite quote from a book, or something your grandma always told you. The point is to use what resonates with you because your brain needs to believe it.

In this latter method, your thought or picture you create will drive your physical reaction and enhance your mindset.

If you are not in a quiet place — who is with working from home and homeschooling — you can drown out the noise with music, earmuffs, or maybe you are an expert at tuning things out, then perfect! Do what works for you. The key here is to focus on your breath count, mental picture, or mantra to create thoughts that will give you the needed physical reaction.

This is the one skill I’ve maintained because it’s so low maintenance. When I wake up, I close my eyes again and do rhythmical breathing for 1–2 minutes. I’ve noticed that when I don’t practice this skill, I get easily flustered. When I do, I am mentally stronger to take on the day’s challenges.

Johanny Ortega

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